Yoga in Kensington Gardens
subject to Covid restrictions being lifted

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Get your mojo back with online yoga: the pain and suffering that everyone can enjoy - and get plenty of shakti as a bonus!

Monday 5 April @10am: 21 consecutive days of yoga (or join any number of days):
Times: weekends 10-11.30am, weekdays 7-8pm, daily from Monday 5 April till Sunday 25 April




REVOLUT +44 755 262 2972

COST: £5


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A unique opportunity to practice ashtanga and hatha yoga in one of London’s most scenic parks.

SUNday Yoga classes are taught by Ivan Molochko, an experienced yoga instructor trained in Sivananda style of hatha yoga. SUNday Yoga journey began in the summer of 2009 - since then Ivan has been hosting open-air and online yoga sessions every summer and sharing this yoga experience with those in need of a good challenge. The outdoor Ashtanga and Hatha Yoga classes are great for beginners and intermediate level, with the strong mix of challenging asanas (postures) and deep pranayamas (breath work).

Some previous yoga experience is recommended, and all skill levels are welcome.
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Any questions, please email