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Kensington Gardens


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Weekly Yoga Classes

Location: Kensington Gardens (next to Queensway tube station. Location map >>

How it works: Come and practice dynamic yoga in the park. All levels. Remember to bring a mat or a towel;

Time: every weekend June-September:

Sundays 11 am

Check the website & sign up for email updates to see any cancellations or location changes in advance

Price: £10 (or Pay What You Like)

Booking: No booking is required

Our next yoga classes:

every Sunday, mid-May till mid-September

About Us

Don't miss a unique opportunity to practice hatha yoga in a great London location - Hyde Park!

Classes are taught by Ivan Molochko, an experienced yoga instructor trained in Sivananda & Dharma Mittra styles of yoga.

Our Hatha Yoga class is great for beginners and intermediate levels, with the strong mix of challenging asanas (postures) and deep pranayamas (breath work), much loved by yoga practitioners.

Grab your mat and join us this weekend!

No experience is necessary and all skill levels are welcome.

As a sample of the yoga sets taught by Ivan at Sunday Yoga, please refer to the following videos:

Interviews with Ivan (in Russian)

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